On March 12, the Spanish government published the obligation to register employees’ working hours.

This registration will take place from next May 12, 2019.

Therefore, all companies must record the hours of their employees regardless of the day they perform, they will be required to keep the time record of their workers for a period of 4 years, so that they are available if the Inspection Job requests them.

Is your company ready to adapt to the new law?

At Instel, we want to make available to HR managers, IT managers and company managers our time and attendance solutions. Agile and complete tools aimed at facilitating the time management of workers, as well as the registration of mandatory hours.

Time and attendance solutions:

  • Fingerprint /card readers
  • Management of schedules, incidents, absenteeism, calendars, agreements
  • Multi-center management
  • Custom reports: by center, performance by departments
  • Employee Portal
  • Fast and effective user matching
  • Integration with other subsystems: ERP, CCTV, SQL, etc.

Download more information in the following link: Employee time and attendance

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