The logistics sector faces numerous operational challenges every day. From ensuring the security of facilities and goods, the access and management of vehicles in the loading and unloading process, the control of perishable goods to the management of incidents and customer complaints.

The multitude of variables to be controlled requires an IP camera infrastructure that goes beyond the video surveillance of the installations, it requires an intelligent technology that can be integrated with the network cameras and is capable of making decisions in the face of specific events.

The basis: A powerful and integrable video system

In order to carry out this process, it is necessary to have a powerful and scalable network camera system that allows the integrated video analytics solution to operate at maximum performance.

What are the basic elements of IP cameras?

  • Good real time video visualization
  • Adaptability in light/dark conditions
  • Simple/intuitive interface
  • Easy integration of new elements
  • Wide range of uses

The plus: A video management system that automates and leads actions.

The objective, is to facilitate logistical operations by means of tools capable of making quick and effective decisions.

What possibilities does video management offer for logistics?

  • Management of the truck fleet and tracking of vehicles in delivery. Ensures that the correct vehicles enter and arrive at destination with the correct containers.
  • Vehicle access control and license plate reading. Allows tracking and monitoring of vehicles, containers and perishable goods (ADR plate reading).
  • Intelligent reading of plates from more than 150 countries. Allows drivers to be guided to a location or to verify their access control rights.
  • Detailed supervision of installations. Protection of perimeters, loading and unloading mills, protection of interiors and passages.
  • Transport and drop-off depots: Intelligent pick-up of vehicles reserved in advance. Instantaneous pick-up that allows opening barriers, generating personalized messages to speed up the arrival process and guiding drivers to the correct drop-off/drop-off zone.
  • Container code tracking and recording. Allows the reading of vertical or horizontal ISO codes in containers, being a very useful tool in the process of incorrect claims for container damage.
  • Package tracking. Visual solution for tracking packages with which you will be able to know exactly where each package is in the route inside the facilities.

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