The implementation of IP surveillance cameras is growing year after year. The transition to network video is allowing to companies to obtain important benefits about security management, embedded intelligence and costs savings.
However there are a lot of companies that have analog cameras by CCTV. In the following post, highlight some of multiple benefits about migrating to IP camera solutions.

    • High image quality. IP cameras offer a full high image quality with HDTV/megapixel resolutions and optic zooms with autofocus. Therefore, these are so appropriated to manage the perimeter security or situations where the image sharpness is critical to identify persons or items.
      • Embedded intelligence: Big data Management. With recordings we obtain a high volume of images however is so useful to be able to select and analyze only the information that is about our interest. Therefore, IP cameras can be programmed to send alerts only when happen situations of interest (suspicious behavior, etc.). Also, we can generated “tags” that allows to search and analyze specific videos.
        • Video analytics. IP solutions allow the integration with analytic solutions. This provide an extra layer of intelligence to our images (People counting, autotracking, queue management, etc.).
          • Scalability of the solution. IP video systems permit a gradual growth according to the company necessities, adding the number of cameras that we want. At the same time, the expansion of cameras does not imply an extra cost increase in server infrastructure.
            • ROI. The use of a IP network infrastructure to other applications into the company economizes the cost of ownership of the solution because it allows to take advantage of existing infrastructure. The investment is focused in the acquisition cost of the cameras.
              • Easy integration with other systems. IP Video allows the integration with access control solutions, intrusion systems, point of sale integration (POS), picking processes, and quality management systems.

              In our company, INSTEL, have an extensive background in the implementation of IP video surveillance solutions for different vertical sectors. We are one of the main national partners of Axis communications, the world leader in IP cameras.
              If you are planning a migration or implementation of IP cameras, feel free to contact with INSTEL. We’ll assess your needs to offer the best solutions.