At INSTEL we are very excited to present our first online newsletter about the technology sector. INSTEL NEWS was born as a new communication tool, of a quarterly nature, aimed at bringing the full potential of our technological solutions to companies.

What are the objectives of INSTEL NEWS?

  • Specialization. In each newsletter we will focus on the dissemination of specialized knowledge about a valuable technological solution for the B2B sector. Through articles we will clarify technological concepts, we will present the potential of certain solutions, we will show how to generate demand and growth for your business through our ICT solutions
  • Diffusion.
    1. We will approach the latest developments in the telecommunications market through the innovations carried out by the leading manufacturers in the sector.
    2. We will mention the most significant sector news: New alliances, acquisitions, mergers
    3. We will present the Instel news: New acquired partner status, promotions, events
  • Best practices. We will present the latest technological solutions implemented among our customers. Reflecting your needs, experience and benefits is the best introduction to identify the usefulness of ICT solutions in the day to day of companies.

We wish that INSTEL NEWS responds to your needs and of course we are open to any contribution or suggestion that you want us to make as readers. Let’s start the adventure!

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