Is your corporate network ready to offer a fast and secure environment to your employees?

Are your company’s critical assets safe?

To implement remote working in your organization and guarantee security, it is necessary to have a solution that covers all the risks associated with remote access of employees to the corporate network.

Below, we give you the keys to ensuring a fast and secure remote working environment, as well as establishing protocols and providing users with the appropriate training to prevent this practice from affecting the critical assets of the company.

What elements should a secure remote access have?

  • IPSEC and SSL VPN client. Gateway VPN capabilities, both for establishing IPSEC and SSL tunnels.
  • Double authentication factor. Remote access means opening a door to our company. Access should never be allowed without reliable authentication. Therefore, in addition to using your username and password, a second factor can be added to the authentication process through a physical token or an app that confirms the identity of the users.
  • Content Protection. The remote access of our employees must be analyzed against threats, malware, etc. Whether it is done from a mobile device or from a VPN gateway or even in the cloud. The model to follow will depend on the needs of the company and the user’s profile. Therefore, it is necessary to establish and apply the same navigation and security policies as when the employee is in the office.
  • Advanced endpoint. It allows full visibility of what is running and allows you to be able to act automatically if you have a problem.
  • Encryption. All the information that circulates through the corporate network and that is critical for the business must be encrypted. It is advisable to have a solution that allows encrypting and inspecting all communications with the most secure mechanisms of the moment.
  • SSL and L7 inspection. Even if the worker is out of the office, their data and connections are as important as if they were in the company’s data center. For this reason, it is important that all traffic can be inspected (including HTTPs) and apply an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), application control and antivirus to all traffic. In addition, this control must be carried out before the data enters the corporate network to prevent the entry of malware.
  • Scalability. Any teleworking solution must be able to grow as the company’s teleworking needs grow.

At INSTEL we help you implement remote working in your organization, guaranteeing the security of your network. For this reason, we work with leading safety manufacturers like FORTINET.

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