Barcelona, October 2020

This certification of a product commercialised by INSTEL confirms our commitment to Excellence

CPPM 6.9 has completed Common Criteria (CC) validation for the Collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices and for the Extended Pack for Authentication Servers. These NDcPPv2.1 and AUTHSVRv1.0 validations are listed on the NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership) site.

Beside being the most important international certificate in the field of security, Common Criteria is a recognition of the value and excellence of an IT product, in this case Clearpass, for which INSTEL has long been committed to.

What is the Common Criteria Certification?

Basically, Common Criteria is a standard that verifies compliance with specific requirements by a security product. It is done according to a previously established evaluation assurance level (EAL).
The requirements to obtain it become more rigorous the more the guarantee level increases. This is “calculated” taking into account the potential damage that could be caused by attackers, whose purpose is to achieve the manipulation of the object of assessment (TOE).
This certification is internationally valid, thanks to the Common Criteria Recognition Agreement (CCRA). It is also valid at European level thanks to the SOGIS agreement (Senior Official Group Information Systems Security)

All these approvals make this certification process one of the strictest, something that is not surprising since what is being evaluated is the ability to maintain security in the accesses of a company at various operational levels.

What is the importance of this certification?

Despite having firewalls of all types and conditions, this type of attack can only be contained by training employees and establishing very limited permissions of users in the systems, both on their PCs and in shared resource systems, establishing a Policy of the Principle of Least Privileges.
A tool like Aruba’s UEBA Introspect could help by blocking abnormally executed encryption processes.

The purpose of this certification is to give a security product a standard of trust that its potential users recognize when deciding which product is the most appropriate to keep their networks protected.
In short, the Common Criteria certification adds a differential value that turns out to be decisive in qualifying the efficiency and effectiveness of a cybersecurity solution. All this within the framework of global safety standards.

How to recognize if a product has the Common Criteria certificate?

The Common Criteria certificate is only awarded to security products that successfully pass a series of tests and studies that validate their effectiveness.
For that reason, the organization that issues it publishes a list periodically in which the products that have its certification are listed. You can check the list here.

Why Clearpass?

ClearPass Policy Manager is the only policy platform that centrally enforces all aspects of enterprise-grade access security for any industry. Granular policy enforcement is based on role, device type, authentication method, EMM / MDM attributes, correct device operation, traffic patterns, location, and time of day.
ClearPass offers extensive support for multi-vendor wireless, wired and VPN infrastructures, allowing IT to easily deploy secure mobility policies in any environment.
The deployment scalability supports tens of thousands of devices and authentications, which surpasses the capabilities offered by legacy AAA solutions. There are options for small to large organizations, from local to distributed environments.

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