Convenience, comfort, tranquility… are just some adjectives that we could easily associate with what clients are looking for during their stay at a campsite. To deliver on their expectations (and above all, overcome them!) could be synonymous of repetition.
Therefore, when IP technology works not only as a facilitator but as experience generator for customers and business. Why we don’t take advantage of it?

Under this setting, we want to present the biometric payment: A technological solution where costumers only need their personal fingerprint to make any type of payments into the campground.

Fingerprint as a payment method. How does it work?

  1. Generation of a prepayment account. The campsite creates an account, which customer makes a deposit of money. As it is spent, it is discounted from it.
  2. Individual accounts or family unit accounts. Each family member can have a personal or collective account.
  3. Establishment of a daily spending limit. Costumer can establish different daily spending limits for certain members of the family unit (For example, to control children expenses).
  4. Fingerprint payments. Once costumer gets the account, he can pay at all campground facilities through his fingerprint (Restaurants, supermarkets, showers, bar, laundry, etc.)
  5. Account recharge and refund. During his stay into the campsite, the costumer to be able to check the consumption whenever he wants and recharge or recover the money in their account.

What benefits are obtained?

  • Convenience. Your costumers don’t need to wear coins on, bills or payment cards. Promoting consumption and convenience.
  • Security. It is a secure payment system, that eliminates loss or theft by not carrying cash
  • Discounts and increased consumption. Promote purchases into the campsite offering discounts and/or prizes every time that a client makes a payment through his fingerprint.

But as a picture is worth a thousand words… here we leave a video about our latest implementation at LA BALLENA ALEGRE CAMPSITE. 


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