Effectively managing the security of facilities, infrastructures and perimeters, requires robust video surveillance solutions that incorporate integrated intelligence. The management of the perimeter security must be 100% effective regardless of the lighting, meteorological, orographic conditions or the coverage of long distances.

Therefore, it is essential that the implemented perimeter protection solution incorporates two key elements:

  • Network cameras: IP cameras with high durability and extensive features
  • Analytical video for the detection, verification and performance of events / incidents

Network Cameras: A good base infrastructure to integrate intelligence

An effective IP monitoring hardware solution should include:

  • High quality images for the detection of incidents. Having access to high definition video with ultra HD resolutions is essential for the detection of incidents that occur in the perimeter. The details are everything.
  • Remote accessibility. An IP camera oriented to video surveillance must allow access to both recorded video image and access to video in real time from any device and any time.
  • Thermal / light technology. A video surveillance 24h / 365 days a year, must adapt to any lighting situation (day / night) as any thermal situation (rain, snow, fog, heat). Therefore, IP cameras must be able to respond to extreme situations. https://www.axis.com/es/es/products/axis-q16-series
  • Simple integration and scalability. Incorporate a network video system that allows easy and fast expansion of cameras, as well as storage capacity.

Analytical video: An effective ally for the management and resolution of incidents

Having an effective video analysis software facilitates the task of detection and resolution of incidents. Axis Communications software solutions allow generating automatic alerts when a person enters a predefined area within the field of vision of a camera, facilitating the identification, verification and rapid response to possible incidents.

What are the main utilities of incorporating intelligence into perimeters?

  • Improvement of the efficiency of security personnel. It forms a key management tool: Reporting of people approaching restricted areas, reckless driving of vehicles, attempts to manipulate cameras.
  • Optimizes the recovery time of stored video. Video analytics allows you to store relevant video material, for example, to include only video record that incorporates movement so that the recovery of old recordings is much faster and more agile.
  • Reduces storage loads. The ability to store only moving video images drastically reduces storage space

Discover in the following video, the Axis solution for perimeter protection Watch video

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