Wi-Fi 6E: The wireless connectivity revolution

Wi-Fi 6E: The wireless connectivity revolution

As organizations demand higher bandwidth, increase the number of connected devices, and accelerate cloud adoption, WiFi congestion rises, potentially affecting user experience. In this scenario, organizations must utilize wider channels to support low-latency, high-bandwidth applications.

Thanks to Wi-Fi 6E, the same capabilities of WiFi 6 are extended to the 6 GHz band, enabling greater efficiency, superior performance, and enhanced security.

What is Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi 6E is an extension of the WiFi 6 standard that leverages the 6 GHz band to offer even more capacity and performance, doubling WiFi capacity through wider channels. This helps reduce congestion and improve user experience in high-density device environments and demanding applications.

How Wi-Fi 6E differs from Wi-Fi 6?

  • Greater capacity in the 6 GHz band, resolving connection and congestion issues.
  • Wider channels of up to 160 MHz, ideal for high-definition video and virtual reality.
  • Absence of interference from microwaves and other types of waves, as only devices compatible with Wi-Fi 6E can utilize the 6 GHz band.

Benefits and advantages of Wi-Fi 6E

  • Maximum efficiency: The addition of the 6 GHz spectrum increases network capacity, allowing for the management of a larger number of connected devices simultaneously without sacrificing performance.
  • Higher Speed: With extended bandwidth and less interference, Wi-Fi 6E enables faster connection speeds, resulting in quicker downloads, high-definition video streaming, and an overall smoother experience.
  • Enhanced Reliability: By reducing interference and congestion in the network, WiFi 6E offers a more reliable and stable connection, even in environments with multiple devices and users.
  • Reduced Latency: Wi-Fi 6E ‘s ability to reduce latency ensures faster responses in time-sensitive applications such as online gaming and video calls.

How to Maximize the Power of Wi-Fi 6E?

As a specialist partner in HPE Aruba Networking solutions, Instel offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services aimed at optimizing your network infrastructure and maximizing the benefits of this cutting-edge technology. With extensive experience in the design, deployment, and management of advanced wireless networks, we provide a personalized and expert approach that ensures a smooth transition to Wi-Fi 6E.

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