Safety and identification of persons have a special relevance in sectors such as gaming and entertainment entities (Casinos, Bingos, gyms, clubs, etc.). The high volume of users that access to these facilities (new and / or recurring customers, employees , visits) requires management users solutions and security solutions to facilitate their control, speed up the identification process and even allow restricting entry to some users (for example in casinos: users with compulsive gambling ) .

On the following post we want to show what elements must take into consideration when considering implement or renew a Access control solution in recreation centers.

Key elements in RFID reading devices, data recording and data collection:

  • Maximum security. The privacy of customer data must be guaranteed by :
    • Combination of several technologies. To provide maximum security access is essential to combine several technologies. For example , capture fingerprint biometrics solutions through combined with RFID cards.
    • Anti handling devices. They should incorporate a module that enables card authentication , privacy of data flowing through the network, maintain the integrity and to detect manipulation devices.
  • Scalability of the solution. In environments such as leisure , it is important that access devices are implanted scalable solutions that do not limit the future growth of the solution (Openings of new stores , expansion of facilities . etc.). It must allows to scaling the system easily and homogeneous, without no hidden costs in licensing.
    • Key elements in access management and credentials:

    • Simple and detailed access management. Access control software should work as an intuitive tool that allows to recreation centers:
      • Remote administration of Access control devices
      • Access control management in “multi-center”companies
      • Provide detailed information about employers and costumers, access privileges and the last movements
      • Get detailed reports about users access. Filtering tolos and export information
      • Service integration into a single smart card. Often, the different services that offers a recreation center (acces control, vending machines, restaurant/pub zone, parking card, Access to lockers,..) requiere everyone different passwords or multiple media. A management access solutions which should enable to offer an ID personal multifunction, under which integrate all services in a single device.
      • Customer management and loyalty. The customer experience is a key factor in recreation sector, thus acces control management should contribute to work service quality. In this regard, the information that provide acces control about users, privileges and last movements allows to identify VIP customers and work quality of service and personal treatment.
      • Integration with other softwares. These access control solutions must be able to be linked with management software clubs, customer loyalty and integrated with other security subsystems for Access validation.

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