Having the right security tools is key for companies nowadays.


Identifying who and what is on your network is an endless challenge. In addition to preventing malicious users from gaining access, you must protect your network against unauthorized devices and applications. Are your defenses adequately prepared? Take this quick risk test to evaluate the security of your network.

1. Do you know what types of devices are connected to your network?

a. Yes, to all kinds of networks
b. Yes, but only devices connected by wireless network
c. No it’s not a priority

2. Can employees use personal smartphones and / or tablets to access company email?

a. No
b. Only authorized employees
c. Yes

3. Does your company have a formal BYOD policy?

a. Yes
b. No
c. No, but we are thinking of implementing it.

4. Do you use IoT devices at your headquarters?

a. Yes
b. No
c. In some locations / departments

5. If yes, who controls the deployment of those devices?

a. IT Team
b. Don’t Know
c. Operations team

6. How do you provide network access to corporate visitors?

a. We offer a specific network for visitors
b. They can connect to our network
c. We offer a secure sponsored network

7. Can infected devices or devices that do not comply with your security protocols connect to your network?

a. No, they are in quarantine.
b. Yes
c. Other

8. Our security tools protect us from … (complete)

a. Internal and external attacks
b. None
c. Both

9. What happens if an unauthorized device connects to your conference room?

a. Firewall blocks the access
b. Nothing
c. User will receive an IP and an access


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