Promoting student learning and classroom participation is a basic aim for any educational center.
The development of ICT applied to the classroom 3.0. is allowing to offer increasingly evolved and interactive forms in the exhibition, the understanding and the learning of the didactic contents.

In this article, we want to show some of the main elements of Promethean’s interactive ActivPanel screens, designed and developed to offer a unique teaching experience.

    Interactive panels ActivPanel:
  • Tactility.Touch screen that allows you to draw and write simultaneously.
  • Instant sharing of content. Share content instantly and duplicate the image of any IOS device, Android, Mac and Windows.
  • Screen capture and storage. Capture notes, slides, and send them to students.
  • Multiplied vision. HDMI output so you can send the signal to another display or projector.
  • Access to applications. Allows you to download the necessary apps: corporate, mail management, storage, etc.
  • 100% customizable. Organize your apps and create different user profiles.
  • Connectivity without limits. Possibility of connecting up to 4 devices at a time, 4 HDMI + 4 USB touch inputs.
  • Connection with remote contacts Through the USB port switch you can connect a camera and add video collaboration features.
    • Discover more functionalities and technical specifications in the following link: Promethean Interactive panels.

      Instel have a long know how in the implementation of ICT projects for the education sector. If you would like to learn more about our solutions on interactive panels, contact us and find out how to promote real-time collaboration and optimize the classroom experience ASK FOR INFORMATION .