How can Wi-Fi 6 significantly improve the voice picking process?

How can Wi-Fi 6 significantly improve the voice picking process?

One of the most notable technological advancements in optimizing the picking process is the implementation of voice picking systems. These systems have proven to be highly effective in streamlining product picking in warehouses and distribution centers by allowing workers to receive real-time instructions through voice commands. However, the effectiveness of these solutions largely depends on the quality of the WiFi connection, and this is where WiFi antennas play a crucial role.

The importance of Wi-Fi Connectivity in voice picking

For the voice picking system to function optimally, it is essential to have stable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the warehouse or distribution center, providing:

  • Maximum coverage: High-quality Wi-Fi connectivity ensures reliable coverage throughout the warehouse, even in remote or hard-to-reach areas, avoiding signal loss and interruption of voice communications.
  • Low latency: Latency is critical in voice picking, as workers need to receive instructions and confirm actions in real-time. High-performance Wi-Fi antennas minimize latency, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy in the process.
  • Centralized management: Having centralized management tools facilitates the configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of the Wi-Fi network, simplifying network infrastructure administration.
  • Scalability: As distribution centers grow or reorganize, it is important for Wi-Fi infrastructure to be scalable. Access points allow adaptation to changing needs without compromising connection quality.
  • Data security: Network security is essential, especially when handling sensitive inventory and order data. Connectivity solutions should provide advanced network security options, such as device authentication and data encryption, to protect critical information.

HPE Aruba Networking: Leading in Wi-Fi connectivity

HPE Aruba Networking solutions, a leader in the enterprise connectivity solutions market, significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of voice picking processes.

At Instel, we help you implement a network infrastructure that revolutionizes your processes. We work to design and deploy high-performance Wi-Fi solutions, in partnership with industry leaders like HPE Aruba Networking, to offer you reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity.

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