Commscope revolutionizes connectivity with the launch of GigaREACH™ XL


Commscope, a global leader in network infrastructure solutions, has announced the release of its innovative enterprise connectivity solution, GigaREACH™ XL.

Based on Commscope's SYSTIMAX technology, GigaREACH™ XL promises to revolutionize how businesses design, deploy, and manage their networks.

What is GigaREACH™ XL?

GigaREACH™ XL is the first Category 6 UTP extended reach solution that allows connecting and powering devices beyond the 100-meter limit with a single cable while minimizing disruptions to existing services.

It offers exceptional performance capable of supporting speeds of up to 100 Mbps and PoE of 90 W up to 200 meters, Ethernet of 1 Gbps and PoE of 90 W up to 150 meters (50% more than Cat. 6), and Ethernet of 10 Mbps and PoE of 90 W up to 250 meters.

When and where to use GigaREACH™ XL?

The expansion of enterprise networks goes beyond traditional IT infrastructures. Now, these networks must power and connect a variety of operational devices such as security cameras, access control panels, and wireless access points. However, many of these devices are often located beyond the 100-meter distance from the telecommunications room, posing a connectivity challenge.

GigaREACH™ XL is ideal for use in enterprise environments where network extension beyond the standard limits set by industry regulations, such as ANSI/TIA-568 and ISO 11801, is needed.

Cutting-edge technology with SYSTIMAX

At the heart of GigaREACH™ XL lies SYSTIMAX technology, synonymous with quality and exceptional performance. SYSTIMAX ensures superior connectivity and unparalleled reliability in any environment.

With GigaREACH™ XL, CommScope continues to lead the way toward the future of hyper-connected enterprise networks.

For more information on the features of GigaREACH™ XL, download the catalog: GigaREACH™ XL Extended Reach Category 6

Instel: CommScope SYSTIMAX Strategic Partner

Our strong partnership with Commscope, based on decades of shared experience, allows us to effectively address technological challenges in the realm of enterprise connectivity.

With a deep commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, at Instel, we offer high specialization in the implementation and optimization of your communication infrastructures.

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