Digital transformation, mobility, job flexibility, remote work are concepts that are part of our usual vocabulary, however, in recent weeks and as a result of COVID-19, they are gaining special relevance.

Although some companies were already undergoing digital transformation processes, the current health crisis has contributed to a forced transformation for many organizations in order to guarantee a business continuity plan.

The implementation of tools that favor a secure, productive and collaborative work environment must go beyond covering an emergency situation such as the current one, to become habitual and integrated resources in the day-to-day of companies.

Avaya Spaces: Collaboration and meeting in the cloud

Avaya Spaces is a meeting and collaboration solution in the cloud, which in addition to video conferencing, allows integrating chat, voice, online meetings and content exchange.

What capacities does it have?

  • Personal meeting room in the cloud
  • Videoconference and audioconference up to 500 participants
  • Up to 35 participants visible simultaneously
  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Allows desktop and application sharing
  • Multi-device. Communication and collaboration from any device (laptop, tablet, phone. Mac, Windows supported) and from anywhere.
  • Chat. Allows you to keep the chat going even when you are not online and retrieve the conversation from any device
  • Application integration: Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Group task management. It allows to publish files in a secure way, coordinate work between teams, assign tasks, track the progress of projects.

Do you belong to the educational sector or are you a non-profit organization?

In order to guarantee the continuity of the classes and the fulfillment of the educational objectives, INSTEL through AVAYA (Leader in videoconference and collaboration solutions) makes the collaboration software AVAYA SPACE, in its business version, FREE OF CHARGE, up to next August 31, 2020.

Request the free software NOW: REQUEST AVAYA SPACES

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