Optimizing customer experience is an essential aim for any business, but it is especially important in those sectors, such as hotels, where there is a massive and continuous influx of customers.

The creation of experiences adapted to customer’s demands works as a powerful loyalty magnet and it constitutes a generating element of differentiality for the hotel.

Therefore, tourism companyies should focus their efforts on IP tecnologies that help to maximize their business and turn the customer into the KING of experience.

Think about a guest who comes to your hotel. Do you know how to offer a 360º through his smartphone?


  • Reception. Welcome + wifi access. Give an amazing welcome to your guests through their smartphone, redirecting them to an internal and personalized web portal where they will get wifi access without having to provide paper passwords.


  • Accompaniment. Check-in + location. Provide maps and offer real-time navigation time to different hotel locations (Assigned room, restaurant, gym, swimmingpool/sauna, etc.)


  • Personalization. Customizable experiences + loyalty. Send “push” notifications based on location and personal preferences of your customers. (Events notifications, special discounts at the restaurant/bar, promotions based on geolocalitation).


  • Repetition. Promote loyalty programs and reward your guests, reinforcing their fidelity and making your costumer a brand prescriptor.

Instel offers you, through Aruba Networks company, a powerful wifi managment tool, which will allow you to offer a 360º personalized experience to your guests.

Market information. At the same time, it is an internal managment tool for your hotel, focused on obtaining market information to apply strategies that reinforce business growth.

  • Experiential and attitudinal customer information
  • Permanence times for locations
  • Routes ans services most used

Get more information about the solution in the following link: Wifi management for hotels

Instel has a long trayectory on managment projects for hospitality sector. Some of our customers: Hotelbeds, TUI Hotels & Resorts, Jumeirah, B the Travel Brand.

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