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We help IT managers to increase the installations' performance, providing easy implementing and monitoring solutions.

What part do we play?

Everyday an IT department faces challenges: To meet the demands of company users, solve essential situations, increase complexity and tight budgets, etc.

In Instel, we offer tailored solutions which facilitate and streamline your IT department’s day-to-day routine, never leaving your side throughout the process from the initial consultation to the maintenance and management of the implemented solutions.


  • Easy implementation
  • Higher performance and efficiency
  • Improved monitoring and management
  • Solution maintenance
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Growth flexibility
  • Implementation of the leading solutions in the market
How can it be achieved?

Ease of implementation.

All our solutions stand out for their simplicity in management, so that management of them as quick and easy as possible.

Higher performance and efficiency

All our solutions are designed to optimize everyday CIOs , easily implemented using tools and high usability , obtaining greater control and security in their facilities and through a monitoring and real-time monitoring .

Virtualization Solutions. We help increase the productivity of IT departments, reducing maintenance costs, offering rapid disaster recovery and providing a modular growth.

Improved monitoring and management

Mobility Solutions (BYOD). We provide solutions for BYOD environments, ensuring security and manageability.
Mobility Solutions (Network Management). We help reduce the complexity of managing the network, providing secure access to the corporate network and providing tools for tracking user accounts.

Solution maintenance

We support our clients in all phases of the project, from consulting to implementation and maintenance of solutions.

Improvement of infrastructure

Unified communications solutions. Application integration on a single platform allows easy management of voice and data IT departments. Our solutions are designed to increase productivity and reduce the burden on those responsible for it.

Growth flexibility

All implemented solutions are scalable in time, so these will increase as your business grows.

Implementation of market leading solutions

We only work with the leading manufacturers on the market for each of our business areas. Every implemented solution has the support and know -how of leading manufacturers .

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