ICT & Management Solutions

Integrate technological solutions to increase business productivity and competitiveness.

What part do we play?

Technology has increasingly become a competitive key factor to business innovation and success. Having technological solutions available which increase productivity and process optimisation is enabling companies to generate a competitive advantage over their competitors.

In Instel we are committed to integrating technology solutions into business strategy as a success factor for business growth. We only work with reliable manufacturers who are market leaders.


  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Increased competitiveness and differentiation
  • Project “turnkey”
  • Improving the responsiveness of your business
  • Cost savings and rapid ROI solutions
How can it be achieved?

Increased productivity and efficiency

unified communications solutions . Do you know that by unifying your business communications can increase productivity up to 30%? Unify voice, data, video and increase the efficiency of its corporate workers to keep their communications connected anytime, anywhere and canal.

virtualization solutions. Do you know how securize critical information for your business and save at the same time ?. Through virtualization reduces downtime resulting from server breakdowns . Avoid loss of critical business information (Snapshot backups) and reduce investment costs.

Increased competitiveness and differentiation

Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Do you know that 79 % of business executives report that wireless services are indispensable to grow their business?. Our solutions provide high-speed networks with minimal wiring. Such wireless connectivity solutions facilitate and speed of access to the corporate network.

Video Solutions corporate governance. Get fast decision making, improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency of their facilities, monitor the quality of services offered, avoid shrinkage establishments.

Project “turnkey ”

We support our clients throughout the process, from needs assessment to maintenance of the implemented solutions. 360 A service aimed at improving business performance.

Improving the responsiveness of your business

< p> Voice Solutions. Do you know that 59% of companies admit that poor quality of their customer service has a negative impact on its recurring revenue?. Discover how our contact center solutions enable increased customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales.

Cost savings and rapid ROI solutions

Video conferencing solutions. Do you know that implementing a professional video conferencing solution can reduce fixed costs by 15%? Get a video conferencing tool that allows you to increase domestic productivity and reduce time and travel costs / diets.

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