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We offer solutions to the finance departments that increase their ROI and reduce business costs.

What part do we play?

Finance control and administration is one of the cornerstones attributing to the viability and success of a company. Therefore, financial managers require solutions designed to optimise processes and obtain a quick ROI.

In Instel we deliver technological solutions designed to improve company productivity, thereby promoting cost savings and a quick return on investment.


  • Fast ROI
  • Save on business costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increase Sales
  • Custom Solutions
How can it be achieved?

Fast ROI

Our solutions add value to your business processes , making them more productive and efficient , allowing for a positive ROI in the short term.

Save on business costs

Solutions unified / videogestión communications. Do you know that by unifying their business communications can get up to 30 % savings? Reduce telephony costs and costs associated with commuting unifying voice, video and data on a single platform . A tool that will help improve business productivity by encouraging workers connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Solutions in virtualized environments. Did you know that through virtualization can obtain savings of up to 80% in energy consumption and reduce hardware spend?. Minimize investment costs by reducing the need to store critical business information hardware , reduce downtime associated with server crash .

Increased productivity

You know that the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an upward trend?. Discover how you can improve the productivity of their workers to be permanently connected to fixed costs and adapt infrastructure to the actual costs of being on their premises.

Increase Sales

Voice Solutions . Do you know that 59% of companies admit that poor quality of their customer service has a negative impact on its recurring revenue ?. Discover how our contact center solutions enable increased customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales.

Custom Solutions

All implemented solutions are scalable in time, so these will increase as your business grows.

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