We provide all the necessary microcomputing equipment for companies to develop their business within high quality parameters.

What is it?

Microcomputing refers to personal equipment used by the company’s personnel in order to develop their professional activity. To have a uniform microcomputing infrastructure ensures better resource optimisation and a quick resolution of any incidents that occur./p>

What part do we play?

Currently, users not only work with computers (PC or laptop) but also use mobile devices (tablets) and business imaging and printing elements. The quality of these items and having a leading manufacturer to develop them ensures a good business technology infrastructure.

Companies want to purchase reliable user equipment with a good quality/price ratio and also a good after sales service.


  • Improved company productivity
  • Improved corporate image
  • Reduced computer equipment maintenance costs

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Related products

Desktop PC's:
This is equipment normally used by permanent office personnel (departments, administration, financial, customer service, etc.). The characteristics of these devices are usually well established for office work development.
Laptops: Equipment usually intended for mobile users (sales team and technicians). Their performance may vary according to the needs, generally less features and less weight for sales teams and higher performance for technicians
Tablets and mobile devices:
These devices are currently on the up, and are used mainly as tools for the sales force. They are devices which may not be the most appropriate for the daily workload, but are ideal for commercial visits and order-taking.
Imaging and printing:
Devices for printing or scanning documents and images. There are many factors to consider (print volume, colour or B/W, quality, inkjet or laser) at the time of purchasing printing equipment and also the procurement method (purchase or pay per use).

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