We offer videoconferencing solutions to help companies increase the speed of decision-making, improve productivity and reduce business costs.

What is it?

Videoconferencing solutions represent a new form of business communication and collaboration that is increasing its hold on the market day by day. It allows point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication between distanced users, within and outside the organisation. The solution’s main contribution is to maintain communication where users can communicate orally (telephony), while seeing each other (video) and simultaneously share a document, image or even a presentation or desktop.

This tool originally used voice channels (ISDN) for signal transmission, but the trend today is to use the IP network. The standardisation of the IP protocol allows companies to hold video conferences, without the need to have ‘same brand’ equipment, at lesser costs than before. In some environments, the user immersion in videoconferencing is such that we call it telepresence; the user holds a conversation with the other person as if they were standing next to each other.

What part do we play?

Today’s business environment requires tools that allow decisions to be made in the shortest possible time, as this can give a competitive edge over competitors. In many cases it is not enough to send an e-mail or make a phone call, as greater interaction is essential. Interaction which reaches these levels of instantaneity, bidirectionality, multi-channelled, among several speaker, and in real-time can only be supplied by a videoconferencing solution. The growth of such solutions answers the need to maintain productive meetings, with the highest level of interaction, in a virtual environment.


  • Speedier decision making: Business development
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower transfer costs
  • Flexibility and comfort in our internal and external communications
  • Improved business image when communicating
  • Better user experience by encouraging bidirectionality
  • Facilitates integration with other business solutions
  • Better communication quality, encouraging communication
  • Compatible with existing user equipment

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Related products

Equipment designed to connect one company office/boardroom to a different office or to remote users. They are usually composed of a codec (main element of the solution), one or more video cameras and audio equipment. There are various types of models and formats able to meet the user communication demands, depending on the type of office/boardroom.

The structure is more complex with telepresence solutions, however the end result is the same, increasing the number of elements and incorporating very specific hardware and multimedia material.

Multipoint and security infrastructure solutions:
These devices are designed to be the ideal complement to the “endpoints” in conference rooms, to improve communication ability and user experience:

  • To communicate simultaneously with multiple points (MCU’s).
  • To communicate not only with other endpoints, but with mobile users (smartphone, tablets, etc.) and desk tops.
  • To adapt to non-IP business environments (gateways).
  • Communication security (Firewall traversal).
Management applications:
These suites provide management, control, and programming for sound network management and easy to use conferences. They provide a single access point for managing all videoconference devices, including third-party terminals, infrastructure devices such as MCUs and gateways, and call control applications such as gatekeepers and SIP agents.

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