We provide fast and secure network connections, capable of supporting the full range of applications and services required by an organisation.

What is it?

Identified under the name of Networking are electronic network solutions. They contribute to the quality, security and control of the business data network, to the extent required by the data communications it carries.

The value of a business data network is measured by the level of service and maximum quality guarantee it offers. Networking solutions are capable of responding to the requirements of these value applications in areas such as switching, access, bandwidth, monitoring, redundancy, etc. The electronic network is, therefore, an important element in traditional data networks but totally essential in multiservice data networks. Its design, implementation and maintenance become, therefore, crucial.

What part do we play?

Today’s companies increasingly need faster and more reliable network connections, not only locally, but in offices in other locations. Therefore, the requirements of today’s business network electronics go beyond the network’s own speed, as they are set by the applications and service the company’s IP network must support. Aspects such as traffic switching ability, equipment management capabilities or security and access control are essential to companies of any profile and sector that seek to provide value to their IP network by implementing applications such as IP video, IP telephony or customer contact centres. The essentiality of these applications is so high that, when we talk about large companies, they are pressurised to introduce local and even spatial redundancy elements into their electronic equipment. This makes aspects such as the equipment’s energy efficiency of vital importance in this type of companies.


  • Optimal management
  • Improved productivity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improved business and external communications
  • Optimized ICT resources
  • Security
  • Facilitates integration among other business solutions
  • Better communication quality, encouraging communication

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Related products

Access electronics:
These are the devices (switches) which connect the business’ desk top users directly. The main function is to provide optimum connection speed to the user and redirect its traffic to the “core”. This equipment must be able to support level two management, which allows logical network segmentation for each type of traffic.
Core electronics:
The current trend is for the “core” to be formed by a set of equipment (switch stack), instead of the large chassis, more commonly installed in the past. The objective is to have a “core” that is capable of growth, redundancy and is highly distributable, providing greater flexibility. Its main objective, regardless of format, is the management of all network traffic, routing it in the most optimal and fastest way possible to its destination (usually business servers). Its multilevel management and switching capacity are essential as the speed of sending the packet data and via which subnets is dependent on these features.
Management applications:
Faced with the possibility of the critical situation the electronic network is facing in the companies, having applications that monitor, manage and optimise the equipment is fundamental and of utmost importance. One aspect that must be met by these types of applications is compatibility with market standards, to be able to integrate with other business value applications. Management applications are essential in the ROI of network electronics.

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