Connectivity Management

We provide management applications to businesses to ensure the network runs smoothly.

What is it?

It is a set of applications that guarantee the optimum operation of both wired and wireless networks, providing a management layer, and ensuring access, use and operation of installations.

The larger, more complex and more essential the installations are, the greater is the need to use management applications.

What part do we play?

This class of solutions facilitates the design, set-up and operation of the installations.
Design can optimise the routes, spaces and channels, etc. to improve delivery and implementation.

The installation will benefit from a more specified design. And, of course, thorough knowledge of the production installations as provided by the application allows optimum exploitation of the same.


  • Optimal design
  • Quick installation
  • Access control
  • Operating control
  • Usage statistics
  • Reduced maintenance

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Smart cable management application (DCIM Data Centre Infrastructure Management):
The data centre cabling infrastructures are renowned for their complexity and essentiality.
In order to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maintain installation availability, the use of data centre infrastructure management solutions are essential. This is provided by DCIM, infrastructure monitoring elements, supervision, control and management, as well as operation and exploitation reports and statistics.
Wi-Fi equipment management and access application:
Reliance on mobile devices is ever increasing for all aspects of personal and professional communication, permitting us to stay connected to everything, at any time, and anywhere.

Access management and wired and wireless network control applications provide us with tools that increase device performance, manage device security, simplify its use and guarantee full satisfaction.

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