What is it

Under this term we include all “in the cloud” solutions offered by INSTEL. Technological solutions offered as a service and as “pay-per-use”.

Due to the trend of companies wanting to “pay per use” and thus avoid large investments, we are constantly adding solutions in the CLOUD area.

What part do we play?

The current market demands scalable, adaptable and high availability solutions. CLOUD solutions perfectly meet the technological needs required by a company and in addition no huge investment or infrastructure oversizing is involved. The company pays for the use provided by the solution. An increase or decrease in use affects spending proportionally.

Improving data communications (high speed connections and/or fibre) may involve the use of technological infrastructures found outside the company network and accessible via Internet. For this reason “in the Cloud” technology and solutions are booming in the market, and are increasingly requested by companies.


  • Information access
  • Cost savings
  • Collaboration
  • Usability
  • Safe data storage
  • Access security

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