IP Video

We help companies improve their business security and management.

What is it?

IP video solutions involve technology that adds value to the company by incorporating camera and video applications into the business IP network, which facilitate and increase productivity and management of the same. For obvious reasons, ranging from accessibility to the different operating models, this is overtaking the installation of the traditional analogue video.

From a business point of view, the IP video represents a strategic tool for companies with geographically dispersed centres, in manufacturing environments, education, security and consumer analysis. It is, therefore, an important business analysis tool in many production sectors.

What part do we play?

Despite the mistaken widespread market belief, IP video is not only applicable as a security system, but it also offers the ability to manage images in order to obtain information on what is happening in our environment or business and thus make the right decisions. Network video provides real-time remote accessibility, high quality image, event management and intelligent video capabilities, as well as the potential for integration with other systems. On the other hand, it provides improved scalability, flexibility and profitability compared to analogue video.

IP video solutions can be used for many activities such as monitoring people, locations and assets in a remote and cost-effective way; provide product demonstrations or remote consulting sessions from anywhere in the world; or, broadcast live images on Web sites for promotional purposes.


  • Speedier decision making: Business development
  • Improved productivity
  • Lower transfer costs
  • Improved business and external communications
  • Improved business image
  • Security
  • Eases integration with other business solutions
  • Compatible with existing user equipment

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Related products

Endpoints and IP cameras:
These make up the hardware part of the system, often undervalued, which provides important aspects such as image quality, suitability for various environments, mobility, integration with other business IP network applications, storage capacity and, in some cases, the incorporation of value-added applications within the same device.

To ensure adequate video streaming quality, it is essential to have high value technological devices that can facilitate a successful retrospective analysis, hence their importance.

Storage elements:
The various pieces of equipment used for the repository of video sequences. They are not particularly critical in terms of complexity, and range from a network server to a simple external disk in NAS mode. Truly essential in these types of elements are their sizing, as the selected recording quality function may depend on the storage space available.
Management applications:
Management applications, also called business applications are the real core of the solution. Their function is to analyse the video footage and provide useful business information. Additionally, some applications allow camera management, even though the camera has a specific inbuilt application for this function.

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