IT Security

We guarantee the security and integrity of corporate data

What is it?

When all corporate information is in our computer systems, security is becoming a critical element and must be designed to protect servers, users’ computers and communications between delegations.

Security solutions protect communications between offices by establishing secure, encrypted communications (VPNs), protecting network computers (servers and user equipment ) and control the traffic that is generated to the company .

What part do we play?

  • Interconnection of locations (VPN)
  • Equipment security
  • Antivirus solutions, SPAM
  • Content filters
  • Application Control


  • Ensuring information security
  • Ensure the integrity of data in information transfer
  • Maintenance costs reduction
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Increased worker productivity
IT Security

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Interconnection of locations (VPN)
These are based solutions Firewall computers to establish secure connections between different locations, either from or mobile users.
Are security solutions that ensure that the information contained on computers (antivirus) or corporate email (Antispam) is free of viruses or malicious code and therefore is safe for the company.
Content filters
They are solutions that allow control traffic generated to the Internet. With this type of solution can prevent access to certain websites, applications, download programs, etc. to ensure greater productivity and avoid extreme consumption band width.

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