Human Capital

We have a highly qualified engineering and technical communications team with several years’ experience in the industry, providing us with a large capacity to implement emerging technologies for the benefit of our customers.

Alex Martínez

Financial manager

Feliciano Moraleda

Account manager

Manel Martínez

Sales Manager

Osmel Pérez

Technical department

Antonio Canton

Networking/IP Video Technician

Francisco Maqueda

Facilities department

Marco Arroyo

SAT Manager

Ramón Andrés

SAT Technician

Antonio Castillo

Networking/IP Video  Manager

Juan Antonio Codina

Technical department

Marta Soler

Marketing Manager

Salvador Gracia

Connectivity Manager

Daniel Morales

Account manager

Luisa Herrera

Accounting department

Merche Hernández

Billing Department

Vicente Ortega

Technical department


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