Our track record of over 40 years in the industry, supports us as a leading company in telecoms market

Who are we?

We are a service company who have provided comprehensive and integrated company communication solutions to our customers for over 47 years, supplying them with the latest technologies emerging on the market of telecommunications. On a market so dynamic that it requires constant, evolving training.

At INSTEL we want to be your leading professionals in the design, installation and maintenance of your business communications.

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“The single most important thing to remember about any enterprise is that there are no results inside its walls. The result of a good business is a satisfied customer.”

Peter Drucker

Our mission

Add value to businesses. We provide our customers the best business ICT solutions so as to contribute to their development and improve their productivity.

Our vision

We want to be a national reference in the field of ICT business solutions, highlighting the quality and efficiency of our professional services. We want to bring profitability to shareholders and create a motivating and inviting project for our employees.

Our values

Customer focus, honesty, commitment, professionalism, continuous improvement, competitiveness, self-criticism, teamwork and commitment to society.

A brief summary of more than 40 years of our history …


1971 Start of the activity. Single-member engineering company dedicated to the design and installation of telephone and intercom networks. Scope of work: Catalonia, Spain.

The efforts of its founder, Manuel Martinez Morán, and the small group of workers who made up the staff of the company at that time, were aimed at positioning the company in the telecommunications market in Catalonia, Spain, offering an effective, agile and high quality service.

This dedication to service has strengthened over time, and remains to this day as an essential aspect in the company’s policy.

The main activity of the company is focused on engineering design and installation of telephone networks and maintenance of telephone equipment.

This is a difficult time. Spanish law does not allow the sale of telephone equipment installers and companies were only manufacturers of equipment who carried out this activity on the client end, with the only telephone operator (CTNE).

Trade agreements with these companies allowed to carry out projects INSTEL implementation of network infrastructure and maintenance of telephone equipment in several of our current customers. This professional relationship is maintained for a time and became a source of company business in that decade.


The company began marketing telephone platforms and equipment after the liberalisation of the telecommunications market in Spain.

INSTEL mantiene los servicios de valor añadido de instalación y mantenimiento de los equipos comercializados y la instalación de la infraestructura de red.

The technological level of the company increased through the incorporation of a highly qualified engineering and technical communications team, which enabled the company to undertake projects of a higher technological complexity.

In this period the company developed projects for customers based in Catalonia, Balearic Islands and Andorra.


The company incorporated data solutions to its product portfolio.

The evolution of Ethernet technology and the ability to offer our customers unified projects, encompassing voice and data solutions lead us to introduce new solutions to our portfolio, namely structured cabling systems with copper and fibre optics solutions.

  • INSTEL committed itself totally to the world’s leading manufacturer AT&T (now SYSTIMAX Comscope) in this sector, and its solution of twisted 4 pair cables, then known as PDS.
  • Ethernet network electronics.
    As a complement to the cabling systems, we incorporated network equipment such as hubs, routers and MAU’s into our portfolio.

Under the heading of INFRASTRUCTURE AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, SL the company becomes a limited company.

The company developed favourably and its growth resulted in an increased customer base offering national coverage. The head office, located at the same location in the neighbourhood of “Les Corts” in Barcelona, experienced significant growth in the number of employees and new shareholders.

All these aspects, plus the volume of business achieved, obliged the company to become a limited company.

INSTEL achieved a milestone in the industry and became the first company to executes a 4 pair structured cabling installation in Catalonia, and the second in Spain. This installation was for an emblematic customer in Barcelona, namely the wiring of the COB head offices for the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games.

A sales office was opened in Girona, Spain in 1999.

The turnover achieved so far by Instel in the province of Girona, and the profile of some of its customers, such as the City Council or the Girona University, meant that opening a sales office in Girona became one of INSTEL’s immediate priorities. This commercial presence continues up to this day, with the objective of increasing business volume in the province.


Consolidation and development of new business areas.

The company continued to maintain its traditional business areas incorporating value-added solutions according to current needs.

  • Voice: Integration and development of unified communication applications, implementation of Contact Centres, ToIP, etc.
  • Structured cabling systems: High-tech solutions in smart wiring environments, DPCs and high bandwidth transportation networks.
  • Network electronics: High process capability and high availability equipment.

At the same time, we have incorporated new business areas:

  • Access management and control, using the same IP network
  • User mobility for distributed environments
  • Computer Engineering for virtualisation and storage environments


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