RCD Espanyol de Barcelona needed to implement a solution in access control and corporate presence that would allow it to manage in an agile and efficient way the access of workers to sports facilities and offices, as well as automation in the hourly control of employees.
With the aim of streamlining and securing the accesses, it was decided to implement a complete and integrated solution that would allow to manage access to visits to the facilities at the same time.
The solution should be implemented in the corporate offices, in the RCDE Stadium and in the Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque.

Tornos de acceso

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona is a sports anonymous company based in Cornellà and El Prat de Llobregat, whose first team plays in the RCDE Stadium. It is one of the most modern stadiums in Spain with a capacity for 40,000 people and cataloged by UEFA with 4 stars.

Initial need

Implementation of a solution that allows to facilitate and automate employee access and time management.


Solution in access control, presence control and visits management.


  • Increased security
  • Agility in the identification processes of internal and external employees
  • Comprehensive control of external visits
  • Obtaining personalized analytics
  • Integration with the Club’s corporate network equipment

Technology Partner




In response to these requirements, Instel designed an IP architecture proposal based on a hardware + software system in access, presence and visit management through biometrics and RFID.
With the aim of offering a multi-center solution, scalable and integrable with other existing subsystems in the club, we chose the solutions of Intemo Technologies, a leading manufacturer of access and presence management solutions.

The elements implanted have been:

  • Corporate access control and guests. Biometric readers Slim Access Bio + software, for reading by fingerprint + RFID. Implemented in the corporate offices, RCDE Stadium, as well as in the Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque.
  • Motorized corridors with concealable panels. Integration of the biometric readers in the lathes of access to the facilities. Manufacturer Manusa.
  • Registration of the presence of corporate users. Biometric reading devices Slim Access Bio + software, designed for the automated management of work schedules, management of user groups, incident control.
  • Video management and audio. Inclusion of integrated Axis Communications video door phones with video management and audio for interaction with staff. Access parking area RCDE Stadium.



  • Access optimization. Greater control and precision in the accesses to the facilities.
  • Reinforcement of the brand image. Cutting-edge access technology, high-quality readers and design.
  • Agility and process automation. Speed up in the process of reception and registration of visits, minimizing waiting times.


  • Mejora Improvement of security. Reinforcement in the security of access to the facilities. The system adapts to the security policies and practices established by the organization.
  • Scalability of the solution. An expandable and scalable access solution that allows you to tackle new developments in an agile and simple way.

  • Automated personnel management. Improvement of the internal organization, obtaining an accurate tool that has allowed to automate processes in HR, as well as obtaining personalized statistics on the operation of the facilities..


    “The interlocution with Instel has been agile and efficient during all phases of the project, fitting perfectly to our timmings of installation. We highlight its decisive nature and its after-sales service”

    “The access and presence solution offers us a more complete and secure management of facilities and employees. In the near future, we will undertake a second phase of the project, with an expansion of the current system”

    Josep Toldrà, RCDE Stadium Manager

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