With the aim to offering a high added value experience to customers, the Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre is constantly focusing on the improvement of their facilities, the expansion of infrastructures, as well as the incorporation of new services that brings innovation, functionality and differentiation.
Under this context, they wanted to offer their customers a highly positive shopping experience, which reinforced the convenience. Therefore, it was decided to implement a payment system by biometrics that would allow working comfort and at the same time obtain automated analytics of sales and usability.

Ballena Alegre

The Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre is a 1st category campsite located in Sant Pere Pescador, on a fine sand beach of 1800 meters and crystal-clear waters. It has a complete range of services. Restaurants, shopping area, supermarkets, bookshop, parapharmacy, sports area with two swimming pools, fitness room, windsurfing / kitesurfing center.

Initial requirement

Provide added value to the customer by offering a new, flexible and secure payment system


Biometric payment system


  • New, secure and agile payment system
  • Greater convenience for customers (No cards, no cash)
  • Increased consumption in the campsite
  • Improvement of the brand image
  • Obtaining metrics and automatic analytics for decision making

Technological partner




For the implementation of the new fingerprint payment system, Instel together with Intemo Technologies, a leading manufacturer of access and security solutions, designed the appropriate IP architecture to implement the solution.
The elements implanted have been:

  • Biometric readers. Validation devices Intemo BioRFID Device_ID with USB connection to the POS. Designed for the capture and reading of fingerprints, as well as the reading and recording of RFID media.
  • Reading software. Intemo BioRFID ClientID software for fingerprint reading / RFID + record of traces captured on the identification server.
  • Identification server. Storage and custody of fingerprints linked to customer codes generated by the management system. SQL Server, with unlimited fingerprint storage capacity.
  • Web Service (WS). Identification / validation of registered fingerprints with matching capacity of 40,000 fingerprints per second.
  • Tablets for hospitality employees. Morpho Tablet ™ 2 with contact smart card reader and signature capture.



  • Benchmarking. A leading IP solution that places Camping La Ballena Alegre Bungalow Resort & Spa as a benchmark in the implementation of new payment technologies in the sector.
  • Increase in sales. The implementation of the biometric payment system has led to a large increase in consumption within the campsite and therefore sales.
  • Agility and process automation. Increase efficiency by reducing time and queues in payment processes.
  • Analytics and market information. The system allows obtaining usability and consumption metrics that are key for decision making.
  • Improvement of security. 100% secure payments, non-transferable and without failures.
  • Scalability of the solution, allowing to address new developments in an agile and simple way


  • Comfort + security. Eliminates the need to carry cash or cards, avoiding theft and loss.
  • Reward. The client is rewarded with discounts whenever he makes use of biometrics./li>
  • Family expense management. Acts as a wallet card establishing daily spending limits.


    “We are very satisfied with the great reception that biometric payment system is having among our customers. We have encouraged its use by applying discounts in restaurants, bars, supermarkets and the result has been extremely positive both in terms of sales and usability “

    Toni Castellar, General manager at camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre

      “The integration of biometric readers as a payment system has allowed a 100% secure and effective authentication. The quick matching of the fingerprint with the customer profile has ensured an agile and fault-free operation”

    Marc Vogel, Systems responsible at Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre

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